New Digital Albums Coming – Trying to get consumers to buy albums again

Interesting piece on new formats to create new digital albums which will enable the music industry to package up music, art, photos and videos all in an effort to try and get consumers to buy albums again.

Both wrap songs, videos, images, lyrics, ringtones and other digital doodads into a comprehensive package that the industry hopes will bring back the long lost, profitable days of full album sales, which gave way to listeners buying single songs.

Packaging has always seemed to me like a last resort to milk value from consumers by bundling all sorts of extras that they’ll never use. How many of us buy the special-edition DVD with all the special behind-the-scenes commentary and blah blah blah and actually watch them? I would bet that most consumers hardly ever engage in any of the extra content that they get “packaged”. I’m happily buying or renting online movies from iTunes, Hulu, Amazon or Vudu, and I’m finding that I’m not missing any of the extras that DVD’s come with.

With a new digital album format, being a connected interactive medium should enable the collection of great usage data on what consumers actually use in all these packages and bundles. Then we’ll know for sure the value of packaging.


~ by Ash Patel on August 12, 2009.

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