Quick iphone review

It rocks and it sucks!


  • New touch screen nav is awesome and should probably become the defacto standard for all upcoming ipod. True genius.
  • Photo app very nice, good screen resolution
  • Video IPOD nice screen, widescreen, the right way to have a video ipod.
  • Good battery life. (I watch 1.5 hrs video and listen to 1hr audio, a few phone calls and the battery was about 60% full).
  • Music app nice. Nice touch to navigate albums with covers when you flip the iphone on it’s side
  • Nice cool navigation and eye candy
  • Maps apps nice (no GPS)
  • Nice weather and stocks widgets
  • Safari browser very nice (full internet, anything pc can render you can see). Nice nav to make it work on a smaller screen
  • Camera, nice 2mp. Quality is nice better than curve. No flash
  • Nice size and feel
  • Mail App and navigation is very nice. Setup for Yahoo! mail was very easy.
  • Mail reader is nice, full html
  • Wi-fi integration nice, makes surfing web fast. Edge works ok, not great but acceptable.
  • Cachet!


  • recessed head phone jack, shure headphones wont fit (had to cut the sleeve yikes) (see photo, note be careful as you can cut your fingers doing this)

Cut Headphone Jack

  • My monster icarplay that works with video ipod wont work with iphone (how can you break this stuff)
  • Typing is hard, 1 finger good, 2 thumbs bad
  • Can’t navigate in text to fix things
  • No CUT and PASTE (how can they do this)
  • You can’t use MP3 are ringtones (it’s a friggin ipod, but you can’t play music as ringtones, go figure). Only can use built in ringtones for now. I hear they will charge you extra to convert a itunes bought track to a ringtone
  • Phone so-so. To dial a contact you have to scroll thru your contacts, can’t just type in the first few letters
  • No MMS

Very mixed. If you love your ipod and carry it around everywhere, and you use a standard phone. Then the iphone is for you. If you are glued to your crackberry or treo then the iphone is not for you (yet)


~ by Ash Patel on July 2, 2007.

2 Responses to “Quick iphone review”

  1. Yes it has bluetooth.

  2. I'm very jealous Ash. Does it have bluetooth?

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