SessionSaver Extension for Firefox

One of the main reasons I use Firefox is for the tabbed-browsing interface. Once you start heavily using tabs, you end up with lots of tabs open all the time, all with different context and histories.
If the browser crashes or you close it, then you lose all this context and history.

A great extension that I’ve been using for about 3 months now is SessionSaver , the extension remembers that state of all your tabs and restores them all when you startup Firefox again.
It remembers all the browser history in all of the tabs also, so the back button works. It even remembers text that you’ve typed. It has a simple mode where it just restores the last state of your browser. The expert mode lets you create and name sessions and switch between them.

Now what I really need is a session saver that would let me transfer sessions between computers (work and home).

Download the extension at 


~ by Ash Patel on October 21, 2005.

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