Speeding up Firefox

I’ve been using Firefox now for about 8 months, but one of the things that always bothered me was that it was slower in rendering that IE. Two of my biggest pain points are My Yahoo! and Gizmodo .
With My Yahoo!, we actually specifically layed out the page in a certain way so that it would start rendering as soon as it started downloading, but that never quite worked with Firefox, and in fact was significantly slower. Gizmodo on the other other hand had all sorts of issues with Firefox where the page is constantly flashing and graphics move around the page as it downloads, very disconcerting and slow.

Today I ran across a firefox extension called FasterFox . It’s an extension that changes settings like the cache size, DNS cache, max network connections, pipelining and rendering delay. I tried it out not expecting much and was very surprised to see that my two pain points were much better. My Yahoo! now renders much faster and does not do alot of dynamic resizing as it downloads. Gizmodo is also much better, not all the issues are fixed, but it’s at least acceptable.

I definitly recommend this extension if you use Firefox. One thing that I would advise is to go into the prefrences and put FasterFox into Custom mode and turn off “Enable Enhanced PreFetching”. I don’t think this is a good feature as your browser will sit there pre-fetching all the links on your page. Most of the links you are unlikely to click on, so it’s not very friendly to these sites.


~ by Ash Patel on October 14, 2005.

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