And the winner is!


So we tried another USB speakerphone device with Y! Messenger  in my staff meeting today. This device is clearly the winner. John Linwood, in the UK, said that he was able to hear *everything* that people in the room were discussing. When we were using the polycom speakerphone and the phone network, he estimated that we probably missed about 30% of what people in the room were saying. The quality is amazing.

The device is the Phone Audio Duet PCS. Gerald Picked it up on Ebay.


~ by Ash Patel on October 5, 2005.

One Response to “And the winner is!”

  1. this one is excellent – not only is the audio much clearer but the voices are as close to natural as I have heard over VOIP despite the 8000 mile journey. There don't seem to be any issues with direction either – everyone in the room came through loud and clear. Now I will have to think up a different excuse for not taking actions from the staff meeting 🙂
    My only comment is that it looks like it was designed by an engineer but I can forgive its looks given its outstanding technical implementation. Of course credit is also due to Yahoo Messenger voice (nope we didn't revert to Skype!)

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