it’s time

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This has probably been one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever had to make.

But, the last 14 years have been one unbelievable experience. I’ve learnt so much, met some of smartest people in the industry, built products that affected 100’s of millions of users and created lifelong friendships.


New Digital Albums Coming – Trying to get consumers to buy albums again

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Interesting piece on new formats to create new digital albums which will enable the music industry to package up music, art, photos and videos all in an effort to try and get consumers to buy albums again.

Both wrap songs, videos, images, lyrics, ringtones and other digital doodads into a comprehensive package that the industry hopes will bring back the long lost, profitable days of full album sales, which gave way to listeners buying single songs.

Packaging has always seemed to me like a last resort to milk value from consumers by bundling all sorts of extras that they’ll never use. How many of us buy the special-edition DVD with all the special behind-the-scenes commentary and blah blah blah and actually watch them? I would bet that most consumers hardly ever engage in any of the extra content that they get “packaged”. I’m happily buying or renting online movies from iTunes, Hulu, Amazon or Vudu, and I’m finding that I’m not missing any of the extras that DVD’s come with.

With a new digital album format, being a connected interactive medium should enable the collection of great usage data on what consumers actually use in all these packages and bundles. Then we’ll know for sure the value of packaging.

Switched to a Mac Pro at home

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I’ve been using a MacBook for a while now (Ash Patel, Yahoo! CPO Loves his Mac ), but my desktop at home as always been a windows box. I’ve built the last 2 desktops, as I’ve always liked getting exactly all the components I’ve wanted.

However I was constantly fixing or tweaking Windows and felt that I was just wasting time on things that I shouldn’t have to. So when then new 2009 Mac Pro‘s came out I made the decision to switch. Now with Parallels and Bootcamp, I get the best of both worlds. I can fire up windows only when I need it, and have a Machine and OS that just works. It also helps that it’s blindingly fast also.

Great Coverage of Yahoo! Hackday and our Open Strategy

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Yahoo Open Hack Day 2008 Kicks Off Friday
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September 11, 2008

2 Minute Big Lebowski – with only the important dialog

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another iphone/ipod change that is irritating

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“We’re talking about the inability to manually manage music on an iPhone by connecting it to a computer, highlighting a band, album or song within iTunes and moving it to the iPhone icon. Apple, the company that practically invented the drag-and-drop, has consciously eliminated the feature from the iPhone. This decision effectively neuters the device because it removes capabilities that played a huge role in making the iPod the gee-whiz device that set the standard for portable music players.

If you want to load the new albums by Wilco or the White Stripes (both highly recommended, by the way), you’ll have to create a playlist in iTunes first and then sync it with your iPhone. If you later decide you want to remove one of those albums from the device, you’ll have to remove it from the iTunes playlist and sync again.”

Quick iphone review

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It rocks and it sucks!


  • New touch screen nav is awesome and should probably become the defacto standard for all upcoming ipod. True genius.
  • Photo app very nice, good screen resolution
  • Video IPOD nice screen, widescreen, the right way to have a video ipod.
  • Good battery life. (I watch 1.5 hrs video and listen to 1hr audio, a few phone calls and the battery was about 60% full).
  • Music app nice. Nice touch to navigate albums with covers when you flip the iphone on it’s side
  • Nice cool navigation and eye candy
  • Maps apps nice (no GPS)
  • Nice weather and stocks widgets
  • Safari browser very nice (full internet, anything pc can render you can see). Nice nav to make it work on a smaller screen
  • Camera, nice 2mp. Quality is nice better than curve. No flash
  • Nice size and feel
  • Mail App and navigation is very nice. Setup for Yahoo! mail was very easy.
  • Mail reader is nice, full html
  • Wi-fi integration nice, makes surfing web fast. Edge works ok, not great but acceptable.
  • Cachet!


  • recessed head phone jack, shure headphones wont fit (had to cut the sleeve yikes) (see photo, note be careful as you can cut your fingers doing this)

Cut Headphone Jack

  • My monster icarplay that works with video ipod wont work with iphone (how can you break this stuff)
  • Typing is hard, 1 finger good, 2 thumbs bad
  • Can’t navigate in text to fix things
  • No CUT and PASTE (how can they do this)
  • You can’t use MP3 are ringtones (it’s a friggin ipod, but you can’t play music as ringtones, go figure). Only can use built in ringtones for now. I hear they will charge you extra to convert a itunes bought track to a ringtone
  • Phone so-so. To dial a contact you have to scroll thru your contacts, can’t just type in the first few letters
  • No MMS

Very mixed. If you love your ipod and carry it around everywhere, and you use a standard phone. Then the iphone is for you. If you are glued to your crackberry or treo then the iphone is not for you (yet)